Parallel Reality Manifestation

A technique developed by Stacy Chase

The Parallel Manifestation Technique is based on the understanding that our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and past experiences collectively shape our reality. It involves the interaction of the Brain Field (BF) and the Heart Field (HF), which play crucial roles in the manifestation process.

The Brain Field (BF) is the energy field created by our thoughts and responses to feelings and information from the Heart Field. The Heart Field (HF), on the other hand, is the energetic pattern created by the heart as it processes information from our thoughts and experiences. This heart field generates emotions that communicate with the body and subconscious mind simultaneously, like an update to every system at once. The combination of these fields forms our Nervous System Pattern (NSP), and the objective is to create the most congruent waveform.

Resistance to manifestation arises when the Field of Potential (FOP), governed by the subconscious mind, is unable to generate an accurate manifestation due to safety beliefs. If the subconscious perceives the desired manifestation as dangerous, it creates resistance.

The FOP charges the Morphic Field (MP), which then telegraphs the information to the Universal Field. Through quantum entanglement, the Universal Field responds to the incoming information. If the message is clear and precise, the request is immediately created in the Universal Field and begins its journey back to the individual. However, if the information is incomplete or experiences interference, the Universal Field struggles to decipher it, preventing the request from returning.

To utilize the Parallel Manifestation Technique, follow these steps:

  1. Clearly think of your request, stating it positively and concisely, avoiding global actions.
  2. Close your eyes and visualize the request in your mind’s eye.
  3. Feel the emotion associated with receiving the request.
  4. Feel for the physical presence of the request in your Field of Potential, which should have substance, like the sensation of pushing two polar magnets together.
  5. If the request isn’t present, explore other dimensions to bring it into your reality.
  6. Open mental windows like computer screens, inserting your request into one over your third eye area.
  7. Open other mental windows, reaching into each one to project the mental image of the request while feeling for something substantial.
  8. Continue searching each window; if the request isn’t found, check for resistance or static in the image or message.
  9. Once found, pull the request to you, allowing it to duplicate as it comes through the parallel plane into your reality.
  10. Bring the request to your third eye chakra and then down to the root chakra.
  11. Allow it to settle briefly and then release it.
  12. If the request remains in place, it will begin manifesting into your reality. If it moves to another chakra or outside your body, address resistance and create a clearer request.

Methods for dealing with resistance can be explored in further discussions if requested.

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