3,6,9 Dimension, Realities & Shapes

We are powerful creator beings and just haven’t discovered it yet

The 3rd dimension is composed of both Dark (feminine, creation) and Light (masculine, action). Earth’s structure is made of geometric shapes, while the Sky represents the path back to the light and Sun. Lucifer, meaning “beautiful light,” sought to experience his own light by transforming himself into the opposite through darkness. Geometry forms the basis of our reality, represented by the 5 platonic solids and their combinations.

The Arch Angels designed this reality, using the 6 shapes of creation to build the 12 structures of different polarities, known as the Archimedean solids. The 6th dimension creates the 3rd dimension through Holograms, projecting ideas into reality. Demons (dark) shape and project the ideas into matter, while Angels (light) experience these creations to understand their own light, realities, and dreams.

The Tree of Life serves as the fractal model, creating the spectrum of expansion and the structure of the Angel’s bodies. Our souls split into fractals like a tree to experience various realities while contributing to the whole organism. The Arch Angels are part of the 12 structures of our dimension, not separate from the system they created.

As beings in the 3rd dimension, we are connected to the 6th and 9th dimensions, meant to be the creators of our own realities. Higher vibrational beings contact us in the 3rd dimension because we serve as the path through which they can evolve and create realities in the 9th dimension. We influence and change the 6th dimension realities through our process of evolution.

Free will in the 3rd dimension is limited to choices of actions within the play of life, where our unique position between light and dark allows us to be creators of different experiences. We have the ability to contact both light and dark to create new realities.

Source: Matias De Stefano – Gaia Initiations