Unlock Your Potential: Activate Your Higher Dimensional Chakra System

This article is inspired by the book, A Course in Mastering Alchemy:

In this blog, we explore the activation of your higher dimensional chakra system under the guidance of Ascended Master Kuthumi. The triad centers, which were once accessible to all, offer pathways to expanded consciousness, knowledge, and wisdom. By activating these centers, you open yourself to the Unified Field and the Infinite Intelligence of the Creator, accessing dimensions that were previously untapped.

There are three triads within the higher-dimensional chakra system. The first triad consists of the 4th chakra, the thymus center or sacred heart, and the 5th chakra. Activation of this triad expands your consciousness, opens your Sacred Heart, and establishes a deeper connection with the Creator.

The second triad comprises the 6th chakra (pineal gland) and the medulla oblongata. Activation of this triad allows you to access and integrate nonphysical aspects into your physical experience.

The third triad includes the seventh chakra, the eighth chakra, and the Soul Star. This center serves as an interface with All That Is, organizing the nonphysical realms and providing access to the Universal Mind of the Creator. It also enables multiple realms of understanding. While the third triad can be explored, without activating the first and second centers, any creations formed in this state may not manifest in reality.

Activating and maintaining a rhythmic flow within these centers requires time, practice, and the application of love, light, and attention. When you instruct the chakras and centers to spin, trust your intuition, as there is no wrong way to do it. Your individual experience and what works for you personally is correct. When all three triads spin in harmony, they create a vibrational resonance that grants you access to information from different realms and levels of consciousness.

With full activation, your mind begins to operate with less intensity, as the Higher Mind blends with the first triad. While the lower three chakras remain vital for maintaining the physical body, the activation of the triads brings balance to these lower centers. The first chakra transitions from survival mode to the well-being of the physical body. The ego, which resides in the first chakra, shifts from survival to mentorship, providing purpose and allowing the rational mind to function at its full capacity while reopening pathways to higher consciousness. The second chakra, previously associated with survival and heavy emotions, is reconfigured and harmonized to unlock creativity, inspiration, and passion. When the first chakra is in balance, experiencing well-being, and the rational mind is aligned, the second chakra becomes a catalyst for creation and manifestation. The third chakra shifts from thoughts of power, control, judgment, and resistance to fueling the second chakra in the creative process.

To initiate this activation in a gradual manner, start by spinning the heart chakra and allow it to harmonize with the thymus and throat. Once these centers are running smoothly, activate the third eye, pineal gland, and medulla oblongata. Let these three centers harmonize with each other while activating the third center, setting the 7th, 8th, and Soul Star chakras in motion and harmonizing them. Once these three centers have achieved harmony, the third center resonates with the first two centers. As all three centers begin resonating, they draw the lower three chakras into alignment with them.

It is important to note that there is no definitive right or wrong way to undertake this activation process. Trust your intuition and personalize your approach to best suit your individual journey.

This information came out of the book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy by Jim Self and Roxanne Burnett. For more information, please see the book.