Stacy at Soul Knowledge has helped me mind, body, and soul. I have a history of trauma and abuse, and the negative emotions from these experiences were trapped in my body. Stacy helped me release these in an elegant way, teaching me to move energy throughout my body and, possibly, more importantly, control energy around me in order to protect myself from future trauma.

With each class, I get to know myself better. At times the pace is frightening—I had no idea how much of myself  I would find underneath the many layers of fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, regret, and resentment that Stacy peeled away. She helped me to resolve perspectives of my past and with them, helping me regain some parts of my identity—my sense of self—that I thought had been lost.

The process of regaining agency over my emotional health has been nothing more than illuminating. I’m learning to connect with myself in ways I never thought possible. My yoga practice has taken on new meaning, as breathwork, chakras, mantras, and meridians now invade my vinyasa. I’m meditating daily and I’m excited to do it. Not only am I reconnecting to myself, but I am getting closer to approaching the collective conscience.

Physically, ever since I’ve started energy medicine, I’ve felt great. The simple morning routine that Stacy taught me for spiritual hygiene has now become the morning routine for my family—my 70- and 80-year-old parents regularly tap the meridians I tell them to clear pain, and whether it’s Stacy or the universe working here I can’t tell—but somehow my mother and I who have not spoken in close to a decade are making headway repairing our relationship. I feel more in control of my body, mind, spirit, and life as well as a result of learning how to move pain and anxiety out of my body.

Stacy is personal, personable, and professional. I cannot recommend her and her practice enough. – Billy