The primary technique used at Soul Knowledge is Energy medicine.  The following techniques are used in a session on an as-needed basis:

  • Energy Medicine
  • Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy Table Sessions
  • Bio-Well Health Scan
  • Nu/Vision Health Scan (online)

Many clients will wish to schedule a free 15-minute phone or skype consultation.  I can usually answer many of your questions during that session and help you determine if this path is the correct one for you.

After each session, you are often given “homework” as a way to help retrain your energy systems into a more functional pattern.  Homework can be things such as energy medicine exercises, affirmations, meridian tapping, or other helpful exercises for your mind-body, and spirit.

Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine? Much like Reiki, we are tapping into the energies of the bodies, but we back it with the science of Energy Kinesiology. In Energy medicine, we are able to perform muscle testing to determine if the current blockages are structural, emotional, nutritional, or electrical, allowing us to communicate with the Bio-computer and innate intelligence to determine the best method of clearing the energy blockages. While most of the work can be intuitive it can be backed with these muscle testing methods. Energy medicine works with 9 different energy systems of the body (meridians, chakras, aura, Basic Grid, Celtic Weave, Five Rhythms, Triple Warner, Radiant Circuits, and the Electrics) and incorporates balancing them into the energy session.

Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

BEST is at the leading edge of Mind-Body Medicine and is a non-forceful, energy-balancing, hands-on process used to help reestablish the full healing potential of the body. University researched, and taught in several Chiropractic Colleges and professional continuing education seminars, B.E.S.T. is recognized as an effective healing science.

Through kinesiology muscle testing the body reveals short-circuited neurological patterns resulting from unresolved subconscious emotional issues that affect all the systems required for health and wholeness. Those patterns can be experienced as tight muscles, dysfunctional organs or glands, emotional stress, or disease. By accessing areas of the brain by holding pulse pints around the head and body in a specific sequence, while having you think about certain stressors, the body begins to reconnect the circuitry with the brain and accesses mind-body healing. As a whole-body healing and energy-balancing technique, it helps remove the interference that keeps you sick and in pain. When you address the cause rather than the symptoms, you can activate your body’s innate ability to heal. 

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy:

A vibroacoustic session is a full sensory experience. The “Sound” table is equipped with memory foam to ensure your comfort. Vibroacoustic Resonant Frequencies are delivered to you with subharmonics. Advanced technology transducers are incredibly accurate and smooth. The vibration is delivered so cleanly that the brain interprets the stimulus as Sound, not Shaking. Transducer positioning uses the PHI ratio or Golden Mean in combination with sound nodes in the diaphragm of the table. To add to your experience, we provide you with headphones that were designed for professional audio engineers to deliver accurate frequency responses. You can pick from one of our 54 tracks of Vibroacoustic music programs which include Human Body Series, Pain Management, Muscle structure, Energy & Balancing, VAT Frequency Sets as well as our Vibroacoustic (VAM) Music- Conscious Flight, Deep Inner Peace, Inner Alignment, and Violet Flame Meditation, Stars Become Portals, A Temple in the Sky, First Responders De-Stress, Violet Flame II, Seven Rays. Or you can bring your own meditation or music and have a frequency overlay experience. Our table is one of the most versatile Vibroacoustic Resonant tables available.

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) is a drugless, non-invasive approach addressing physical, mental, and emotional aspects, increasing quality of life. The body is massaged with low-frequency vibrations which are transmitted using special transducers. The vibrations permeate the body, engaging the body to create sympathetic resonance with the energetic frequency waves.

VAT offers multiple benefits and has been documented to stimulate blood circulation, relieve stress, anxiety and its analgesic effect aids in pain management. It lowers blood pressure and calms the autonomic nervous system and decreases spasms and tremors (Parkinson’s, Dystonia), helping to enhance the quality of life. It provides surface and deep tissue massage effects. VAT has also been found to aid with lung conditions such as Asthma, COPD, and Cystic Fibrosis. Repeated sessions have shown cumulative positive effects.

Bio-Well Aura Imaging - InnerFit

Bio-Well Health Scan

Bio-Well Health Scans are a revolutionary way to measure the human energy field, made especially to measure the human energy field using a specialized camera and software system. Each scan returns a wealth of meaningful information to provide you with a truly holistic view of the state of your balance and well-being.

The Bio-Well was developed by an international team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and makes the powerful technology known as the Gas Discharge Visualization technique more accessible than ever before. The product consists of a desktop camera, and software, which allows a user to quickly and easily conduct human energy scans.

Nu/Vision Health Scan

NuVision is an advanced technology that serves naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists, psychotherapists, and other professionals around the world to identify their Client’s physical and emotional state, through a scan of their field.

NuVision technology has been designed for the purpose of transforming the patterns within the “field” for balancing the physical and emotional state. A person’s holographic “token” is created when their information is entered into the system, it is then scanned. The system then analyzes the hologram of the body. With this analysis, we are able to see what information is affecting your body. Nu|Vision is a “matching” tool using Scalin technology. Nu|Vision can “match” or find coherence with the most relative remedies, solutions, ideas, statements, affirmations, etc. These reconnects are information pockets, that when set in motion, can trigger potentially beneficial influences on the subject’s information or morphic field.

Imagine muscle testing 50,000 items on one person in 1 minute! That’s the power behind Scalin technology. Nu|Vision accesses the hologram of a person and shows just where and what is out of balance. It finds valuable information about the link to a current symptom and finds the right approach to clear and reset energetic patterns in the holographic field that may be causing blockages to their health and well-being.

This technology allows you to be scanned from anywhere in the world.

Disclaimer:  Energy Medicine or any other techniques mentioned on this website are NOT a substitute for seeking professional medical or psychological healthcare advice.  The term energy medicine is not intended to represent that energy medicine is used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical problems.  Practitioners of energy medicine are not diagnosing or treating the physical body, which is the domain of the medical field but instead is working with the energetic body.

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