Discussion with Valiant Paul on Mindfulness

Communication with a guide on mindfulness

I woke up this morning, having had a lengthy discussion with one of my guides Valiant Paul just before sleeping.  In yesterday’s meetup we discussed briefly what could comprise of the collective consciousness, the QFS, and how it determines your “goodness” or level of consciousness for this new monetary system.    I posted this in a chat so if it is a repeat..forgive me.

Spiritual Training: to me is about mindfulness.  Since really the only thing you can control is yourself, getting to know yourself, your emotions, fears, motivations, etc is the path to enlightenment. In my pursuit of enlightenment, I wonder how one knows what frequency they resonate at?  And is there a universal “scale” with steps that will help each of us along the enlightenment path?  Valiant Paul (one of my guides) suggested that our solar system is governed by the emotions that rule our lives and that our ascension is through mastery of each emotion.  In this, he doesn’t mean suppression he means deeply knowing and understanding the emotions your body and soul express that affect your internal experiences which then influence your behavior in the world.   He says that mastery is the purpose of this galaxy, to master emotions through mindfulness and knowledge of yourself.  While Venus teaches life through unconditional love, and Jupiter teaches life through joy, and Saturn through peace the purpose of Earth is to learn to live life through Selflessness and Humanitarian act for others.  He is careful to remind me that selflessness is not a self-sacrificing act as before you perform a selfless act for another you must ensure that it is meant as a gift. Emotionally and physically you must be able to afford the expenditure and expect and wish for nothing in return.  Only then can this act be truly selfless and humanitarian.  I myself am unsure of the purpose of this post other than to share some of my thoughts on spiritual training in my own life.  I send this out with love and the hope that it finds those who are in need of it.   – Stacy Chase