Discover Your Sanctuary

Consciousness Expansion

Protection Practice:

  1. Close your eyes and connect with your consciousness.
  2. Expand your energy to encompass your entire being, surroundings, and the world.
  3. Hold the intent of shielding and guiding all positive individuals, including yourself, during challenging times ahead.
  4. Gently blow this intention into the cosmos like spreading Pixi dust across space.
  5. Draw your energy back, telescoping it down to your immediate environment.
  6. Return to your body, relax, and take a few breaths before opening your eyes.

Discovering Your Sanctuary:

  1. Search within yourself for your sanctuary and ask to be taken there.
  2. If you don’t know its location, imagine an elevator and press the “sanctuary” button.
  3. As you step through the blue flame at the entrance, feel purified and free from worries.
  4. Observe and design your sanctuary according to your desires.
  5. Take a moment to feel the peace and harmony in this space, always available to you.
  6. Breathe and immerse yourself in the perfection of your sanctuary for a short while.
  7. Return to your consciousness by taking the elevator back up.
  8. Flood your body with gratitude for its divine creation and dedication to you.
  9. When you are ready, open your eyes, fully aware of your awakened consciousness.